Bristol SU Zero Waste Shop

Thanks to funding from Bristol Alumni and friends, we're trialling a Bristol SU Zero Waste Shop in the Richmond Building, so that you can buy essentials at affordable prices, without worrying about plastic waste. The shop stocks an assortment of dry food products, sweets, herbs & spices, home essentials and toiletries.

The shop was a suggestion from our People’s Assembly on the Climate Emergency Day of Action in February 2021. 

The Zero Waste Shop opened in November 2021 and will remain open for a trial period. We hope it will become a permanent fixture! 

Click here to see what you can buy in our shop



How does it work?

Come into the shop with your reusable container, or purchase one from the shop if you don't have one.

You'll be asked to weigh your container, and then weigh it again after filling it with what you want to buy.

Pay for your goods at the check-out.

Goods are sold by weight (per 100g or scoop) and to the exact amount you need helping you minimise not just waste from packaging but also food waste and financial waste!

When is the Zero Waste Shop open?

The shop is open 1pm - 5pm, Monday - Friday on the ground floor of the Richmond Building, next to the Balloon Bar.

Can I order goods online?

It is currently only possible to buy items from the Zero waste Shop in person.

How can I give feedback about the shop?

If you've got feedback about the shop, please pass this onto one of our staff members or contact